Pipeline CP compliance becoming more important

The regular survey of high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) consumer gas pipelines to determine the efficacy of the installed cathodic protection systems to these natural gas pipelines is becoming more prevalent.

This is to ensure the installed systems are operating within design criteria, according to relevant standards including Australian Standards (AS2832), British Standards (BS7361), ISO (15589-1), API, NORSOK and DNV for the design, installation, commissioning of both ICCP and SACP cathodic protection systems.  Extrin provided detailed report and SOW required for refurbishment to ensure required Compliance.

All of our cathodic protection specialists are cognisant of the relevant standards for the design, installation, commissioning of cathodic protection systems.   Our engineers working on cathodic protection have long experience in the design and monitoring of cathodic protection systems and have also been trained to an “Advanced Cathodic Protection” level course and examination.  We have been providing clients with this service for over 22 years.