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Doctor Peter Farinha

Doctor Peter Farinha - Principal Engineer

As a specialist corrosion engineer, holding both a MSc and PhD in Corrosion Science & Engineering, Dr. Peter Farinha has been involved in identification and problem solving of corrosion related issues in steel corrosion and reinforced concrete, including inspection, identification, failure analysis, materials selections, coatings, specification and repair methodology for over 30 years. He is a Specialist in Microbiological Corrosion, heavily involved in ALWC and he has published broadly.

Dr. Farinha has also been actively involved in the Cathodic Protection of various structures over the years, including pipelines, jetties and tanks. 

Maria Farinha - Administrative Director

Maria Farinha began work in the corrosion industry in 1980 when she was appointed a Project Officer in a large corrosion consulting group attached to the University of Manchester. During that time, her focus was on Microbially Influenced Corrosion and the control of Sulphate Reducing Bacteria in the North Sea Offshore program. At the same time she was studying for a masters degree and worked on the effects of biocides on the sulphate reducing bacteria.

In 1990 Maria completed her Graduate Diploma in Business and is a Director of Extrin Consultants. From 1991 to 1999 Maria Farinha was employed on a part time basis at Curtin University of Technology in positions ranging from Research Assistant to Post Graduate Co-ordinator and Lecturer. Since 2000 Maria has been full-time at Extrin Consultants in her primary role as Administrative Director.

Maria Farinha

Wayne Gray

Wayne Gray - Senior Project Manager

Wayne Gray has been involved in the concrete diagnosis and repair and the protective coatings industries for the past 22 years. He is a certified Australasian Corrosion Association Coatings Inspector and has represented material suppliers, contractors and asset owners. Hence, Wayne has a broad perspective and knowledge of the industry.

Since joining Extrin in 2008, Wayne has been involved in many and varied Inspection, QA/QC and Project Management roles throughout Australia and overseas, the most recent project being a corrosion audit of a copper processing plant in the Congo. During his period in Africa, Wayne undertook and successfully completed the Corrosion Institute of South Africa (CORRISA) Corrosion Engineering course in Johannesburg.

Currently studying in the area of Industry Training and Assessment, Wayne will have increasing involvement in the education of those with a keen interest in corrosion, concrete and coatings.

Giles Harrison - Project Manager

Giles’ expertise lies in the refurbishment of existing concrete and steel structures. This spans from the initial investigation into the modes of corrosion through to devising the most suitable method of repair, preparing documentation and then carrying out the project management of the refurbishment.

Giles has recently been involved in the inspection of corrosion of critical concrete mine assets, preparation of Scope of Work documentation for refurbishment, and project management of concrete tank refurbishments. Additionally, he has been involved in design and application of a Cathodic Protection system to a Heritage listed building project, amongst others.

In terms of ongoing education, having completed his Masters of Architecture Giles is now undertaking a post graduate course in Corrosion Engineering.

Giles Harrison

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