A Representative Selection of Extrin's Projects

Extrin Consultants has diverse experience and our personnel have worked on a range of projects in a vast array of industry sectors, both nationally (Perth Metro Area, WA, and whole Australia) and internationally. Representative projects Extrin Consultants have been involved with are outlined above.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Design

With both Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC) and microbially influenced corrosion (MIC) evident, and to prevent further degradation of the steel pile substrate in the immersed and embedded zones at a WA Port Facility, it was decided that an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system be designed and installed. Extrin Consultants were involved in the design, tender assessment process and provided QA/QC services for the ICCP installation.

Concrete Condition Assessment

Extrin Consultants undertook a concrete condition assessment of a Mill. An inspection with Drummy survey was undertaken and concrete breakout and coring indicated that delamination was at steel reinforcement layer. Findings indicated that the depth of cover associated with exposed reinforcement sections was below specified in many areas. Options for refurbishment and estimated budget costs were provided.

Corrosion Assessment

Extrin Consultants were engaged by the client to undertaken a corrosion condition assessment of an underground 600mm diameter water pipeline. Localised corrosion with pitting appeared on parts of pipe. Soil sampling was undertaken and chemical and microbial testing initiated. Additionally, NDT testing was undertaken to determine remaining thickness of the pipe wall.

Corrosion Management Audit: Copper Mine

Extrin Consultants were engaged by the client to undertake a Biannual Corrosion Management Audit of a major copper mine. This audit outlines the corrosion condition of major mine site assets (including vessels, piping, structural steel, concrete). As a result of the findings of this audit, Extrin provided a Corrosion Management Plan for the site which reports on trends in corrosion over time, provides corrosion refurbishment options with site repair priorities, and estimated budget costs.

Corrosion Management Plan: Gold Mine Operation

Extrin Consultants were engaged by the client to undertake bi-annual Corrosion Management Audits of a Gold Mine Facility in Papua New Guinea and developed a Corrosion Management Plan for the site. Works completed under the Corrosion Management Plan included the project management and QA/QC of the internal coating refurbishment of CIL tanks, Review of site specific Coating Specifications, Provision of CP design to Water supply, among many others.

Corrosion Survey: Mothballed Mine Operation

Extrin Consultants were engaged by the client to provide a corrosion survey of a decommissioned gold mine plant. The report provided documented the current condition of major assets and provided cost effective recommendations to reduce the severity of corrosion over time with the plant mothballed. Annual reviews provided regular feedback on asset condition since decommission, with regular specific recommendation for asset protection.

Durability Studies: Third Party Reviews

Extrin Consultants was commissioned to act as the metals, coatings, and cathodic protection third party reviewer of design documentation and consider the design adequacy relevant to compliance with basic design inputs and Australian Standards for a Desalination Plant.

Failure Investigation: 316 stainless steel water piping

Extrin Consultants were commissioned by the client to report on pipe failure. Most of the piping corrosion failures occurred in horizontal sections of pipe, and analysis of the coupling arrangement revealed the presence of internal tubercles with microbial activity indicated. Use of more corrosion resistant material is recommended with treatments to reduce microbial activity and regular monitoring.

Field Tests of Corrosion Rates

Extrin undertook in-situ corrosion rate testing at a WA Port. The project was to determine the efficacy of a new series sleeve wrapping system, with weight loss coupons placed below the sleeving systems of some steel support piles, and others had weight loss coupons fitted externally, to compare real time corrosion rates (control exposed coupons) versus the wrapped (protected) coupons. Results indicated the application of the tape wrap and sleeve approach reduced the extent of corrosion noted on the steel piles, where correctly applied.

Microbially Influenced Corrosion Investigation

Accelerated low water corrosion (ALWC) has been observed on the immersed steel piles in Western Australia. A detailed study was done to establish the mechanism of corrosion and the make-up of the distinctive “orange blooms” that have formed on the steel wharf support piles and wharf sheet piling. In addition to detailed microbial investigations, analysis of the corrosion product was carried out to determine the cause and propagation of ALWC, and proposed solutions nominated.

QA/QC Services: SAG Mill

Extrin Consultants were contracted to provide QA/QC services for the blasting and coating applications to external and internal sections of the concrete SAG Mill. This included ensuring subcontractors achieved adequate surface preparation with appropriate blast profiles and ensuring coating application met specification. As these works were conducted during winter, environmental conditions were a major concern.

Repair of Drop Down Box: PNG

Extrin had been given a brief to prepare an in-situ repair methodology which could be applied externally to the vessel, allowing production to continue during the repair process. The repair methodology involved the injecting of a suitable material into the cavity and cracks within the concrete wall, from the external pit of the tank Drop Box. This method of repair has been used to plugs water leaks in high use traffic tunnels.

Desktop Study: Technical Review

Extrin Consultants was asked to review the information presented on a mine site Loadout Jetty looking at the structural steel piles, and to comment on the deterioration evident in the tidal and atmospheric zones, and extending all the way to the jetty undersides or soffit surface. Severe pitting was being experienced as well as localised corrosion. Recommendations were required for a suitable coating for the required environmental conditions.

Thickener Refurbishment: Nickel Operations

Further to refurbishment of a concrete thickener in 2000, where a total of 1.5km of steel reinforcement and 150 square meters of concrete was removed and reinstated, Extrin Consultants recently undertook further works to the same thickener including breakout and reinstatement of the concrete and the crack injection refurbishment works to provide an additional 2 -3 year service life.

Emergency Escape Tunnel Refurbishment: Nickel Operations

Works undertaken for a West Australian nickel operation included the design and installation of a Multiplate system to reinstate structural integrity to the Stockpile Emergency Escape Tunnels (100m in total). Works also required the design and installation of a cathodic protection system and splash zone coating systems.

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